Nassau County's Longest Serving Law Enforcement Officers

About the NCDSBA

Benevolent Executive Board

Robert J. Arciello
Terence Aylward
1st Vice President
Kenneth Varicchio
2nd Vice President
Nick Woessner
Francis Gorey
Michael Goropeuschek
Sergeant at Arms
Lisa Lefavi
Louis D. Stober Jr.
Legal Council

What is a Deputy Sheriff?

For more than 100 years Nassau County Deputy Sheriffs have carried on the proud Law Enforcement tradition of protecting and serving the residents of Nassau County. Today, Nassau County Deputy Sheriffs serve as NYS Certified Police Officers drawing their authority to enforce both criminal and civil law from the NYS Criminal Procedure Law, NYS Constitution, and the Nassau County Charter. 

Deputy Sheriffs do not provide security in the Jail or in the Courts. Whether our Deputies are executing warrants, enforcing traffic laws or assisting with domestic violence cases, their long history of integrity and professionalism is just a small indication of their dedication to the public that they serve.

 The NCDSBA represents and supports all of the Nassau County Deputy Sheriff titles including Deputy Sheriff Superior Officers through the rank of Chief Deputy Sheriff. 

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